Monday, May 4, 2015

Animation Outtakes

So lately we have been working in groups to make a animation. We were assigned to use animation as a source to tell a story about what had happen to one of our teammates. My teammates are, Kuumomi Thompson, Lilio Masi, and Sophia Rodriguez. My whole team are very interesting. A couple facts about them is that, Kuumomi is very entertaining by being funny. Lilio is awesome at being friendly and very talkative to anyone. Sophia is... sophia, but in a very good way. She is amazing at almost everything... She is funny, silly, graceful when she wants to, and she is really smart.

Stop-motion animation, or " stop, click, and go," is when theres pictures of movement put together to make a video. For an example if i was walking, I would take a picture of each small movement that I take, that when I put all of them together, it turns into a full walking video. Stop motion animation is to visually give an audience something in animation. .GIF, if don't already know, is a format of a product that lets things be used as a animation. The videos below are both in .GIF format, so that it can be as a video type.

My team and I all agreed that we were going to tell a story about my life. The story is about me having a hard time during dance practice, but then succeed at competitions because of the teamwork from my dance team. The message that we were trying to put out there is that, Teamwork Is Key. Without teamwork, my dance family might not have been able to have won at the competition.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Our Animation Story

So for the past couple weeks, we were assigned another project. We had to go in a group with the people that we haven't worked with all school year, and make a animation. The only thing thats different from this years animation and last school years animation is that, this year we have to make an animation that tells a story of an event of one person in our groups life. We all have thought of what we could do, but everyone agreed that it should be something interesting. So we agreed to do my life. Because I went to a lot of places around the world, we made the story to be about me having struggles during practice time, but when it came to teamwork, people helped me concur my failure, and succeeded when we went to Italy. we was called " Kaylynn Overcomes Challenge."

The lesson or message that we were trying to give the audience is that, teamwork is key. For an example, I had a hard time during dance practice, so my teammates helped me with the routine. If it wasn't for my team, we might have not succeeded in many of our dance competitions.

I think the only worst moment we had as a team is that I wasn't here for the first half of the project. But my group did amazing together when I wasn't in school and especially when I was back. we all contributed to the project and to project ideas. we did amazing with the little time we worked together. All in all if we were grading the teamwork between the teams and not the project, I would give us a 4/4!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Typography Images

If you don't know, typography is when text and a photography comes together. For our next project that I will be talking about is typography. We were assigned this to give and show the meaning in our selves and my picture. Typography can be used with images to make a lasting impact by creating a really interesting image. Typography photography is basically text and words aligned in a way to showcase a portrait and or image. Below is pictures of my middle process of the project:
The pictures above shows when I was doing the process of the typography project.
This is most of text aligning into my face.

My challenge during this project would be the coloring and the gradients on the face, background, and for the text. To overcome this issue I was given help by my teachers examples and the tutorials online. Although, I wasn't able to do the teacher typography, I was only able to do the typography of me. If I had more time, I think I would have made my shadows and light gray areas a different color to make it better.

Because I only did one typography out of three, my best one is my finished ME typography. I really like the words that I chose to put on my face. I also like how the finished quality is well done. For my first time doing this, and that I was the only one in class that had less time and less experiences of the project, only because I wasn't here, it came out pretty good. On the side is my finished ME typography project.

Monday, February 9, 2015

HDR Photography

HDR photography, or High Dynamic Range imaging, is used to make your photos better and more interesting, but it depends on when and how you use it. It adds more dynamic range, the ratio of light to dark, to images and photographs. What I like about HDR imaging is that it makes my photos look like how you and others would see it as by the eye. Also it makes my images more interesting with better exposers and colors all shown.
I think the only thing that I dislike about the HDR photography on my phone is that it takes a little longer to snap the photo. When using the HDR mode on your phone camera, its likely to take a little longer when taking the photo only because instead of taking one snapshot of an area, it takes three or more photos with different exposers. Then, when you snap the photo, it takes a long time to process all the photos into one. Have you noticed that? After the photos are taken with the different exposers, you may go into photoshop and merge all of them together so that they blend into one another. With your edits and changing the saturation, gamma, vibrance, and other options, you just made your finished ordinary photos.

We had to do two images with the HDR photography processes. One was of a landscape and the other is an profile. When taking my landscape photo, I was basically looking for the trees, leaves, and the shadows. I think the only tricky part about what I wanted was that the leaves and leaves were moving. So when I put all of the photos together in photoshop, I had the option to align the photos together, match them up, and then get rid of the movements which are called ghosting. On the right is my landscape HDR photo. For my profile photo, my dad was my model. I asked him to do a pose that he can hold for at least 60 seconds. Instead of doing one set of the photos, I took two different profiles with different angles and a different pose from my dad. After keeping his pose and after I took my 7 photos, everything payed of. To edit the photos in photoshop, it was the same process as the landscape, but instead of looking at the trees, I had to focus on my dad. Under the landscape HDR photo is my profile HDR photo.

For my superimpose photo I took my dad form my profile picture and my landscape HDR photo together as one and put in a word that relates to the picture. Below is my superimpose photo.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Movie Trailer Critique

Hey guys, its been a couple weeks since I've been blogging, hope everyone had a wonderful winter. Before the winter break, in class we were assigned another project. It was a movie trailer. We were in groups of four, my teammates were Maya Clark, Aedan Betts, and Seth Kostelecky. We had an idea that our movie would be about overcoming your fears, since the movie audience would most likely be first graders. Our movie is called " Getting Over It." Although we had some ups and downs with contributing all of our ideas as one, we still was able to finish it and we all agreed that it was ok. It was all about teamwork.

The project requirements were to have the finished trailer to be at least one and a half to two minute long, five scenes in the trailer with the actors, voice-acting scripts for the voice overs, and text layovers for the title and other words in the trailer. We also needed effects in the trailer to make the viewers more interested in the movie so that they would like to watch it. The effects were to make the different angles in the shots we took and take them from good to GREAT! We also had another project that was involved in the movie trailer which was to make a movie poster to sell out the movie. Each person in my team had to come up of their own poster and then we had to vote on the best one. My movie poster didn't win though, but to me I think it looks pretty good. To the right is my movie poster that I created.

After we all agreed that our movie trailer was able to be sent to our teacher for our critique session, the whole class watched it and voted for the best trailer in the class. Based on the results of the critique session, I agree with the votes because our trailer wasn't the best but we did our best cooperating with each other so that we were able to finish and turn in our finished movie trailer. In the process of finishing our project, my team and I learned that with teamwork, cooperation, and with everyone all in it together, we finished everything on time. We did our best!
To the left, is the critique polls from my class.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Book Art Project

    In the first quarter of the school year we were assigned to make a book art project. This book art idea came from Isaac Salazar, the person who created book art. The process of making the art is to fold each page of the book into the shape or word you want. Because this project is supposed to be apart of visual literacy, we were to come up of a two to four letter word. My word was " pray."We printed paper with the word on it and had lines on it to show where we had to fold the paper to and the shape of the fold we were to do. Every time we created a fold we had to mark where we left off so that we don't skip or redo a line. When we first started it became a little confusing but after a while I got used to it. 

    For my book, I had to fold sixty-four pages for "p,"  thirty-five pages for "r," sixty pages for "a," and forty-eight pages for "y," but to finish the entire word in the book, I had to fold two hundred and seven pages. I chose this word because if I keep this book, I can remember to always pray and talk to god everyday. The font of my word, carter one, relates to my word because the font looks kind of inspirational, so I chose it. My intent of the project was to inspire, move, and to motivate others especially myself.

    When I finished my book art project, I thought it came out pretty good. I liked it, it was pretty ok. I think the only thing I would do differently is to choose a different word so that I could be more challenged, with the word that I already had, it was a little to easy. If I were to do this project again, I think the word that I would like to do would either be " dance," or a word that has more than five letters. The book that I would create the word in would be like a dancing book with cool moves or any book that has to do and relate with the word I will be using. Doing this project was really fun and I would recommend it to all art classes or for free time project at home or even at school.

    Below is my finished book art project and the process of creating my word!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Proactive or Procrastination?

To me I believe that I am proactive. I think that I am proactive because when we are in teams for new projects in my yearbook class and there is a group that is falling behind, I take charge and help them go through their situations. I also am energetic, and driven into working hard and learning new things.
The level of my productivity relates to my amount of free time because on most of my free time I would be working and studying for quizes and also I would use it to practice on things in school and also for other activities that I am active in.

I think that if I could change my work habits it would be to work even harder on my free time and when others are not looking, because I know that even though I am productive, it still isn't enough. I would change it by taking my free time ability a little higher.